Understanding Asana

Pose Breakdown Workshop

Workshop Overview

Join us for this series of highly interactive workshops to refine, align and create a solid focus for your asana practice. This series of workshops will help you develop a clear understanding of the different types of asana we practice in a yoga classes.


You will learn how to apply key alignment principles to backbends, forward folds, twists, balance poses and inversions. We will address alignment principles for your individual body, how to warm up and practice safely as well as how to avoid the risk of injury while strengthening and deepeningh your yoga practice. This workshop is suitable for all levels. 

For this months session we will cover - Suryanamaskar

we will go deep into “Suryanamaskar” (sun sultation).
Suryanamaskar is a combination of different asanas and it is the foundation of vinyasa system (moving with the breath) and a part of most yoga classes. We will break down the sequence, discuss and approach the asana step by step. The class focus will be on:
Meaning of the posture (sequence)
Breath/how to move with the breath
How to jump back and jump forward
Q and A

Next Course: TBC 

Cost: $25

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