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Corporate Yoga

Yoga is the perfect antidote to sitting at a desk all day.  It can reduce stress and tension, improve your concentration and ability to focus. as well as help improve your posture and flexibility. Offering yoga classes in your workplace  is a win-win for both the employees and the company.

Whats this all about

Work site wellness programs such as yoga, have become an increasingly popular vehicle for delivering the tools to help work teams manage stress and they are also a very cost-effective way to reduce the risk of stress-related chronic illness. Corporate Yoga classes not only help to increase focus, concentration, flexibility and strength but it also helps to reduce stress and provide injury rehabilitation. 

Corporate yoga classes incorporate work-injury prevention exercises and desk or chair exercises that can be practiced at work stations. Some of the exercises include simple yoga poses, breathing practices as well as mindfulness and concentration methods.

Classes can  be modified according to the requirements of employers and can be offered at any time of the working day, as well as before work, during lunch and after work. All levels of experience are catered for and classes can also be held either in at the CBD studio or onsite at the business premise.

Bespoke Corporate Programs

Personally tailored yoga yoga and meditation programs for the workplace.

Corporate Benefits Packages

Join us with your workmates in class at Yoga Territory. Discounted passes and memberships. 

Some of our Clients

Your Teacher


Claire spent many years working in the corporate sector, both for local and state government and in private enterprise before she became a yoga teacher. In that time she experienced first hand the benefits yoga can bring to the workplace, both for employers and employees. She is passionate about sharing the tools and skills that she has developed to support businesses and their employees to get the best out of their work life balance.

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